Ethan Farmer

Ethan Farmer is a San Antonio artist who grew up in central Africa as a missionary’s child. His life has been dedicated to the service of others in both civilian law enforcement as a patrol officer and serving his country as an army combat medic. Ethan graduated from Angelo State University with two bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Kinesiology and a minor in Art, it was during this time that he created his first wood burned piece in 2016. After creating his first piece and unintentionally having it sold, the surrounding area slowly discovered his incredible skill and orders for additional pieces started flooding in. This is when Ethan realized his art was more than just a hobby or a class and since then he has constantly experimented and tried new unconventional methods to develop his unique styles and pieces. His creative process starts with solid piece wood. Using carving tools he etches into the surface of the wood meticulously adding great detail with every stroke. He then uses blow torches and paints to add depth and dimension. Ethan’s work is influenced by the beauty of God’s creations of both life and nature. As a Texas National Guard soldier and PA student who is set to graduate in June of 2020, Ethan’s future goals are to practice medicine at Brooke Army Medical Center and open a gallery in downtown San Antonio. This gallery dream will have a rotating show every four months featuring his own personal work, featured artists, and local culinary chef’s offering an opportunity to exhibit the food and art culture of San Antonio, Texas. You can check out more of Ethan’s art work for he was featured in the San Angelo Lifestyle magazine and multiple exhibitions to include: McCormick Gallery (Midland Texas), Kendal Gallery (San Angelo Texas), Raw 1899 (San Angelo Texas) San Antonio Artist Collective (Stone Oak, La Cantera) and internationally at 1340 Art Gallery.